Future Plans

Al ain Airport are already using the RFID systems for the cargo, also there is a wireless system that covers the whole airport, yet its for the passengers only. The future plan is to include the staff in this wireless system to make it easier for them finishing their jobs wherever they are without the need to go back to the office to have internet access, so the plan is to expand the covering to the departments and the arrival area. Of course every user has different limits of power for every system that he uses whether he is a guest, employer or passenger. Al ain airport believes in continues improvement so they are always looking for what’s new in the market that could improve their task implementing reducing time and effort. One more new system they are planning to use is IP-telephone which is the same as the IPTV in setting IP addresses for the telephones but they are planning to join it with the PC-IP address in one network.

-An Interview with Ahmad Othman, IT Department Manager at AlAin International Airport,done by High Five group members..



  1. It's very interesting topic to talk about, and we know that AlAin air port is the only one in Al Ain city ,,and I think that the using of thr RFID tecnology is very good and had a benefits for the air port for example it's reduce the time and effort

  2. I like the idea that they want to use the IP - telephone and about the wirless system so it will be easier for them and for the passenger . I hope they implement their ideas

  3. I don't think they have a good future plan, its so simple and general and its already been used in other firms and organizations. they should be innovative in setting better future plans that would make huge difference in the work performance.

  4. waiting to see the implementing of theses plans to see how it affects the business, hoping it will improve it.