Information Systems Used

FIDS:- which stands for flight information data system, it presents the detailed information of the flights for the passengers in specific kind of screens spread all over the waiting whole.
SITA:- its run by a British company and its specialized in organising the passengers in terms of reservations and flight information on the flying tickets. In addition it’s used to communicate the information to the airlines offices like Etihad, Oman, Jordan, Pakistan, Indian airlines which also have branches in the airport itself.
PAS:- is stands for public announce system and its used for broadcasting any information related to the flights to the passengers in the waiting whole, the last call for taking off, emergency call and calling the workers for faster communication. Everything start at the airplane which then contacts the IT department asking them to call for a specific propose as mentioned not to mention that they have the ability to spread the call all over the airport or in some parts only.
IPTV:- setting IP address for the T.V’s all over the airport.
ARP:- its implemented by a company named ORACEL and its job is the internal structuring inside the company between the departments and its used in many other companies which indicates its efficiency.
UPS:- stands for unit battery system, used for supporting the machines running in case of a power failure but it has limited capacity , on the other hand there is the generators which runs automatically if needed and it has the capacity to run the whole airport.
Now for the tower where the real airplane organizing happens, there are some special systems that are not used in any other place in the airport and its all operated and managed by the Civil Aviation Authority who are authorized to manage all the airports in the UAE and control the airplanes giving orders regarding airplanes flying plans and entering permits for an airplane coming from outside and it’s all done by several systems. Another example would be the weather system.
A remarkable point is that all of these systems are always running all the time and every single system in the airport has its own back-up system in cases of failure, damage, mistake or breaking down. Not to mention that the Civil Aviation Authority does not confirm any system without its back-up specially when it comes to the systems used up there in the tower.


-An Interview with Ahmad Othman, IT Department Manager at AlAin International Airport,done by High Five group members..


  1. In my opinion they use an excellant system on the airport ,also they have the RFID system . On the other hand when we compare the Al-Ain airport with othe Airports they need to have other system to be like other airports performance .

  2. its interesting to see that variety of systems they are using and its so precise that every task has its own system.

  3. there are new terms and Information system's that are interesting to be studied.